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Welcome to Ron Spangler's Prancing Horse Farm

Ron Spangler, owner of Prancing Horse Farm, has personally owned nearly 100 Ferraris throughout his life. Nearly every model has passed through his hands. Ron's expertise and passion for the marque comes alive in his discussions with clients. He is a Senior Judge for the Ferrari Club of America and continues to work their events as often as he is able. His study and ownership of these amazing cars gives him great insight into what a client is looking for how best to acquire it.

Whether you are new to the collector car hobby or a seasoned Ferrari owner, let Ron shed some light on how you can build and maintain a truly great vintage Ferrari collection.

Ron aids customers worldwide, and is able to serve his Ferrari clients in six languages - English, Spanish, Italian, German, French and Russian. Anyone is welcome to phone or e-mail. Contact Ron for advice in collection building as well, when a 250 GTO will not suffice, he will know where to find a 330 LM.

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